See how Our Same Day Crowns in Kingman Gives You Your Smile Back Fast!

While fillings only cover a small portion of the tooth, the restorative option of dental crowns encase the entire visible portion of your tooth. With this crown, the tooth underneath is protected while the visible portion looks and acts just like your surrounding smile.
If your tooth is broken, damaged, or decayed to the extent that fillings aren't able to repair the issue, the next step is a dental crown. We're able to provide you with a protective shell around the tooth in order to strengthen it and improve its overall appearance. If your tooth has been damaged beyond a filling repair, the necessity of a dental crown protects more than just its looks - you're protecting your gums from potential infections and disease. The sooner a broken, damaged tooth is addressed with a crown, the faster your smile can shine again.
Thankfully, we take it one step further! At Kingman Dental Group, we offer same day crowns in our office so you can be in and out of your appointment with a newly improved smile. Don't let a broken or damaged tooth get in the way!
Benefits of Same Day Crowns
Time: Our dental office knows just how valuable our patients time is. This same day procedure does not require multiple appointments to complete.
Money: Along with your time, chair side crowns save you money. You will no longer need to pay for multiple appointment visits or a temporary crown.
Comfort: Patients no longer need to endure the process of creating a tooth impression or utilizing a temporary crown in between visits.
To learn more about our Kingman same day crowns, call our office at (928) 757-1707 and schedule your visit today. Your new and improved smile with our crowns is only one appointment away!